Established in 1973, the Limelight Theatre (The Wanneroo Repertory) is a 169 seat single auditorium with around 250 members, and is situated in the heart of the Wanneroo townsite, 25km north of Perth.

With their existing arts management system needing an overhaul, they went out to the market to look primarily for a ticketing system. But they also wanted to look at other capabilities such as memberships and the potential to offer season tickets.

Initially doing some research on what systems were available, a sub-committee of the management team came up with 10 potential arts management systems. As a result of this research, PatronBase was selected as the preferred option.

In the past 12 months since PatronBase has been implemented, not only has the ticketing process become a lot more efficient, the reporting functionality have enabled The Wanneroo Repertory to manage their sales a lot better. Click here to read the full case study