We have always focused on not only ticketing, but helping you to build stronger relationships with your patrons. Our latest release gets the most out of their touch points with you, both within and outside of the box office.

We are excited to announce a range of new features in the latest release of the software. These new features will make current processes easier, give more in-depth information about patrons, and offer brand new processes.

Founder & CEO John Caldwell announced the changes at a recent release launch to key industry partners. One of these was The Ticketing Institute’s Senior Consultant, Roger Tomlinson.  Tomlinson was highly impressed by the new features, saying that PatronBase “defies convention”, by adding new features but still sticking to their affordability promise. To read Tomlinson’s full blog on this PatronBase release, click here.

The latest features cover a wide range of aspects of the software. Here is a quick overview of the main headlines:

  • Patron Attributes

The incorporation of Patron Attributes into the application extends the suite of tools and the content about a patron to create a significantly deeper view. This also enables you to group individuals by any number of customisable segments, allowing for more targeted communications and analysis.

  • QuickPOS

This is a good product for point of sale, featuring touch-screen support and barcode scanner integration. Easily associate a sale with a patron, by name or by scanning a membership card, including all other purchases as well (e.g. merchandise, food and drink). It can also be used to sell tickets to an unallocated event in the same transaction.

  • Inventory

This is a full stock control inventory management solution where stock levels and stock points are managed and units can even be sold in different quantities than they are stocked as (e.g. sold as a glass of wine vs. stocked as a bottle). All purchases under a patron are able to be tracked, giving a more complete picture than before of all interactions they have with your organisation.

  • WebHub

WebHub is a browser-based entry point to some key features in common with the desktop application; it also includes some unique features such as the ability to real-time ‘chat’ with other users of PatronBase within other organisations. This browser-based front end offers a Windows 8 ‘look and feel’ user experience including touch screen capability, with a focus on ease of use.

  • Venue Manager

Updates to the Venue Manager functionality have reinforced it as a key coordinated module that enables resources and usage, room bookings and events to be managed. Events across multiple spaces are now easily managed and the whole module is integrated with the ticketing system.

  • Memberships

Individuals can now be linked together in groups such as a family, making it easier to track multiple memberships at once. Group memberships are displayed on patron records and any number of groups can be established with membership periods being flexible. This makes communications and targeted marketing much easier.

For more detailed information on each of the new release features, click here to download the full Release Notes for Q2 2015.